Pemberstone is a private office investor with interests in business opportunities and commercial property investments. Director owned and managed, we offer flexible and decisive support for businesses to enable growth and collaborative success.

We are interested in partnering with established small to medium-sized businesses that can demonstrate a clear profit history and new market opportunities. We will provide the support, expertise and financial resources to facilitate clear business development. We do this by working directly with the business, their management teams, hands-on and with our experience and resources readily at their disposal.

Our team includes directors, senior executives and strategic partners many of whom have been working together since the company originally formed in the early 1980s. This provides a stable platform for the Pemberstone Group to continually grow and evolve.

More than just capital

A partnership with Pemberstone offers flexible and decisive support to enable growth and long-term success.


United by our core values, each member of the Pemberstone Group is committed to helping others achieve their potential. Our successful partnerships are forged around a shared vision of an investment’s long-term success and a dedication to a clearly defined business plan.

Unlike other conventional equity funds, we can offer flexible opportunities to suit the aspirations of the investment and company, filling the ‘equity gap’ left between bank support and traditional venture capital.

We like to help unusual or niche businesses and we want to see them grow and succeed. Talented individuals and teams working together to achieve success together by evolving and growing whilst staying true to their clear value proposition.

Pemberstone partnerships

We are committed to helping others achieve their potential by evolving and growing the business together.